Media Circle to expand housing supply by building more homes

Media Circle, which was zoned as a business-park area, may be rezoned for new homes soon. This is according to an update by the Urban Redevelopment Authority published on Friday May 3.

Infinite Studios plot in one-north was previously set aside as a business park. Now, it is proposed that the land be used for residential purposes with commercial space on the top floor. The plot of land between Media Walk Circle has a proposed plot ratio (3.7) for residential use.

Portsdown Road has an irregular-shaped land parcel that is largely white at the moment. It’s being proposed as a residential site with some commercial uses, but it is subject to planning.

The authorities could assign a 4.3 plot ratio to another parcel along Portsdown Avenue. It would be designated for residential and commercial uses. A fourth parcel near the proposed site is for pure residential use.

URA says the proposed residential high-density development will support housing demand and enhance one-north as a lively mixed-use area.

The site development plan will be revealed when it is complete.

Media Circle, a business park for the media-technology industry, was first envisioned in about 20 Years.

The closest MRT station, and housing estates are still quite far away.

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Media Circle is a place where more and more residential sites are being released in recent years under the Government Land Sales Programme.

Qingjian Realty received the award in February, for S$395M. This is equivalent to S$1,191/sq.ft. per plot ratio. Infinite Studios, a new site located next door to the studios is expected in May. The site is estimated at 515 residential units.

The Hill @ One North launched its last new project in the One North area in April 20, 2024. The Hill @ One North had sold 43 apartments on the day they recorded sales. The units were priced at approximately S$2,595 sq ft on average. Gao Xiuhua was one of Kingsford Development’s owners and bought the property for S$162.4 Million or S$1,210 psf ppr.

The one-north region has experienced a high demand for residential properties. The district’s proximity of NUS (National University of Singapore), Singapore Polytechnic School, and NUS High School to one-north and Science Park businesses could explain this.

The Avenir

These factors make the one-north area a great place to live for people who are interested in renting or buying a home.

The rental growth in Dover is higher than the one-north area because of the lack of supply.

The estimated number dwelling units on the site may exceed 1,500.

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